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     Kempo is Japanese term written with two hieroglyphs "KEM" and "PO". In Chinese they are read "tsiuanshui". In English it means "The Method of the Fist" or "The Low of the Fist".
This term was known in Okinava in XVII - XVIII centuries meaning one of the way Chinese fighting "Kung-fu". In XVII - XVIII centuries this term was used for Okinavian styles of close fight (hand-to-hand fight) and fight with using of different kind of weapons.
It's significant the term "Karate" was used in the meaning of "Chinese Arm". And the term "Kempo" appeared naming of many styles of Karate.
     In the ancient times "Kempo" and "Karate" meant the same in Okinava Division happened in novadays.
     It's considered in modern styles of Karate fighting technique is shown basikaly with blows while there were many holds, painful controls, suffocation, sprints. Besides weapons were used in Kempo.
Following the old traditions of real Kempo the school of Kempo-jitsu was founded presenting adapted fighting system. School technique consists of blows and kicks, throws, painful controls, suffocation and using traditional weapons. All these thing are collected into harmonious system and combined with common principle. All of these allow to have detailed training and have a fight in and distance and any conditions.
     International Kempo-Karate and Kobudo Federation, Federation of Kempo and Kobudo IKF Ukraine, Kempo-jitsu school, have got three main ways;

Organization holding competitions, annual camps and work shops (local and international).

Organization of self-defense lessons, contribution to protective bodies, educational work, certification. Holding of Martial Art Festivals.

Combined health-improving actions aimed to bring into a healthy state.
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