Rybalchenko Tatiana:

- My son Daniel as a medalist was presented with gifts and a catalog of Lady Victory products. Frankly speaking, something was to my taste. The nail file for legs proved itself very effective! And we were looking through the catalog for the all evening with my friends. I was extremely happy! We learned so many new and useful things about the nail care that now we’re asking for those production in stores. And we like it.
Sluzhaeva Aliona, the World Champion in Kempo-Karate, the Champion of Europe in Kempo-Karate, 4 times the Champion of Ukraine in Kempo, won the Cup of Ukraine for Kick boxing and Kempo:

- In a tournament I was granted with the production of «Lady Victory» brand. Donated prizes not only me but all the girls who participated in the European Championships in Kempo-Karate and Kobudo. I was delighted with such gifts! I showed all of the production to my friends and my mother. Now I use scissors, a spatula for moving the cuticle aside and nail strengthening remedies. I shared the set of artificial nails with my friends, while my mother uses absolutely all of the granted production. We loved everything insanely, and, most importantly, everything fited me and mom! I was intrigued by this brand. I want to purchase something else.
Company Lady Victory

We are grateful to the International company Lady Victory and its founder and president Mirsamed Mirsaabov for his enormous contribution into the development of Kempo and Kobudo in Ukraine.
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